SK Robotics LLP is a designer, assembler, integrator, distributor and after sales service provider for the best in service robots globally with specific applications and use-cases in retail, software development, construction, bank, education, showrooms and hospitality. SK Robotics LLP is a part of SK Group of Companies, having 40+ years lineage and history in performing global business operations in 82 countries worldwide having managed 1000+ strong workforce across 23 locations globally.

Our Team

SK Robotics LLP is the brainchild of Mr. Nitin Motani, a doer rather than a man of words, his presence at the helm inspires and guides the company to seek newer heights and benchmarks. He handles the commercial operations of the company with a ferocious tenacity. His financial expertise and strategic thoughts have contributed to the success of the company.


He is the brain behind technology, boasting the required technical expertise to successfully execute projects. He has been instrumental in motivating his employees in overcoming challenges. His strategic and knowledgeable approach in the robotics field has set the bar for everyone in the field


She handles international procurement. Responsible for successful cross country procurement and product orders, negotiations with suppliers and supervision of quality control, turnkey delivery and reporting daily global robot market trends and analysis.

Head of Sales and Marketing (Robotics Division)

Krish is a young Robotics engineer from University of the West of England (UWE), UK that boasts the largest robotics laboratory in Europe. He is enthusiastic about the prospect of driving the sales and marketing of the company forward.  While being armed with the technical skill set for the subject area, he is also a qualified cricket coach. Communication skills, strategy and leadership are second nature to him.


He tends to specialize in a few areas of development, such as networks, operating systems, databases or applications, and in each area which requires fluency in its own set of computer languages and development environments. Having 15 years of experience in software development


Mr. Thaker carries an experience of 26 years in pre and post sales technical services with a resource base of 250+ engineers across India and 20 countries globally. His service skills and bandwidth is unparalleled in the IT and RT sector.

 SK Robotics is the first company to introduce Duct Cleaning Robots in India in 2015.
 SKR implements swimming pool robots, glass cleaning and floor cleaning robots.
 SKR introduces lawn mowing robots, delivery robots and agv. SKR also launches IOT and special purpose robot projects.
 SKR implements India’s first Sludge dredging robot at Dahej and Baroda.
 SKR delivers India’s First Staircase Climbing Robot
 SKR develops in-house AGV and Dustbin Robot
 SKR establishes fabrication, robot testing and development facility at Umbergaon, Gujarat.
 SKR develops the World’s first Intelligent Industrial Grade Sludge Dredging Robot in 2015.
 SKR is appointed by Marriott Hotels group as exclusive Robotics Supplier for all hotels in India
 Implemented the Most Intelligent Humanoid Robot in India in December 2017
 First company to export a Humanoid Robot to Singapore from India in May, 2018
 Successfully implemented more than 1000 Loom Data Monitors in the narrow fabric industry.